Eagles Challenge – FAQ

Who is RaiseCircle? What is their Privacy Policy?

RaiseCircle is run by an organization founded by coaches, parents, and teachers. They have been helping schools and organizations like ours for many years and have an excellent reputation. We have a service agreement with a strict privacy policy — all data including sponsor names, addresses, and emails are held in confidence and are not sold or shared in any way outside of our fundraising effort. Your contact list is completely private and even our staff cannot view the email contact list you provide.


This is a non-sales, sponsorship-based “crowd- raising” fundraiser to generate supplemental support for our program. All you need to do is create a list of contacts from your family, social and/or professional circle and/or share on social media. Potential sponsors are given choices to opt-out, contribute online or via check to our program.

Should I address letters AND do emails — can they go to the same people?

YES! This fundraiser gets the best results when you do BOTH letters AND reach people online. The letters add credibility and a “shelf life” to the campaign, while the online side adds convenience and additional exposure. This also provides more choices in how sponsors can contribute. Your letters and emails can go to the same people, different people or a combination of the two.

Who are potential sponsors?

Your best potential sponsors are people you have some kind of relationship with, either personally or professionally. Friends, relatives, doctors, dentists, business associates, and similar people all make good potential sponsors. Remember to share on social media as well.

How long does the email campaign run?

Once started, the online campaign runs for 4 weeks. There is a weekly sponsorship email during that timeframe. If a sponsor contributes or opts out, their email is disabled. The final email in week 4 lets contacts knows they will receive no more appeals. All sponsors are thanked/receipted. Your contact list will update to show your sponsors and your results, so be sure to save the link to your page or your USER NAME and PASSWORD that is emailed to you from RaiseCircle.

If there are any other questions or concerns about the fundraiser, please feel free to ask us or contact: support@RaiseCircle.com