Eagles Challenge

This is a simple and easy fundraiser that requires no selling, handling of a product or collecting money. A few minutes of your time can greatly benefit your students and the band and color guard program. Please sign in to create an account. Then choose email contacts, share on social media or direct message your contacts about our fundraiser.

Go to RaiseCircle.com or
use the free RaiseCircle mobile app
Enter our Group Code: A488CB
Choose contacts to reach about the fundraiser
Share our fundraiser on social media or via messages
Emails go out automatically and all sponsors are thanked
Monitor your replies and results to see who sponsors

Your potential sponsor contacts can be anyone you have a personal or professional relationship with, such as aunts/uncles, grandparents, friends, clergy, dentists, doctors, barbers, co-workers, etc. They are emailed during the 4-week campaign with choices to opt-out, contribute online or mail a check. The mobile app will also let you see who replies and how much you generate. This fundraiser is designed to work in conjunction with our Sponsor Letter campaign. Please participate in both the letters and online. Your online contacts can be the same people or different people than your letter contacts.

This is a simple and easy fundraising effort. A few minutes of your time can make a big difference!

Thank you for your support of the American High School band and color guard program!

Eagles Challenge – FAQ