1. What is the AHS BPO?

The Band Parent’s Organization provides support for the entire music program at American High. Membership is free and open to all.

2. Why join AHS BPO?

We have all joined the BPO to support our students experience.  The school district pays for the Music Director’s salary.  The BPO ensures the music program has what it needs.  Our students need help with the trips they take and their performance logistics.   Since the inception of the Band Parents Organization, many different parents have served as Executive Board members, helped plan performances and other events, and accompanied the band to performances.  It is always rewarding to see your children do well and you will have many opportunities to see a great group of students in action. The music the students read, the instruments the students play, the uniforms they wear, and even the busses they ride can’t happen without you, the families.  

3. How are membership/fundraising funds used?

BPO provides the following to students and staff:

  • Healthy breakfast, snacks and dinner for all the band during band events.
  • Scholarships for Band student members.
  • Organize different concerts.
  • Funding for additional music teachers and coaches as required.
  • Uniforms.

4. How do I donate to BPO ?

Click here to donate or write a check payable to AHS BPO.  Please be sure to add your student name in memo and hand it over to the Treasurer, Secretary or the Music Director.  Anything you donate to the BPO is considered tax deductible should be filed with you tax return.  Please do understand we are budgeting $550 per student.

5. Are BPO donations tax deductible?

Yes. BPO donations are tax deductible. We are a Non-Profit Organization classified as 501(C )(3).  Our ID is: EIN 94-2932433. 

6. Can I support the band through a Company Matching program?

Yes.  Please get that started as soon as possible and work with our Treasurer to ensure the process runs smoothly.

7. You mentioned volunteer hours. How do I get involved?

We mentioned earlier that we received about 3,400 of volunteer hours. Our BPO community is generous and each one of us enjoy the performances of our children. We figure this is about 27 hours per student. Some families are able to do more, some less. We just hope everyone participates and shares the wealth.