Levi’s Volunteer – FAQ

Who are our volunteers for AHSBPO Levi Crew?

Our Levi Crew is a fellow BPO booster.  This is a family member, friend, co-worker or someone who is 18 years or older. In order to be counted as Crew, you must complete the day’s work.

Why is this fundraising such a big deal?  

This is the opportunity to help our families earn credit for our student’s marching band program costs.  Some people prefer to write a check and fulfill their student’s costs.  Those folks can also continue to help our BPO and volunteer at one of the Levi events.  The more we make, the more our kids will be able to do. Many families need some type of fundraising to support theirs out of pocket costs. This is that opportunity!

Who is Levy?  (http://www.levyrestaurants.com/)

Levy was founded in 1978 as a delicatessen in Chicago.  Today Levy is one of America’s fastest-growing companies in the food industry.  They do business in their restaurants, sports stadiums, arenas, convention centers, zoos, racetracks, and music festivals.  They seem to grow very fast and therefore systems and processes may not be as efficient as they should be.

What is Levi’s Stadium? (https://www.levisstadium.com/)

Levi’s Stadium is the home of the 49ers.  The stadium has a seating of 70,000 expandable to 75,000 for events like SuperBowl 50, certain concerts, etc.  This program with Levy is to staff the 49ers football games and occasionally a concert or other special event.  

“OK!” You say.  I’m interested. What does my volunteer day look like?  What should I expect?

Depending on the event – there are different start times.  You will need to arrive 3-4 hours prior to the start of the event. You will be busy learning and performing tasks.  Some of us have been doing this for a few events now.  We like to carpool and have been departing from AHS.  Parking is free for volunteers.  Locations vary (details are specific to each event).  We are fed for free.  The food types vary, but typically the food is very good.