Why we ask for membership fees?

The Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) provides no direct funding for the operating expenses of the Marching Band and Color Guard programs. The American High School’s Band Parents Organization (BPO) provides 100% of the operating expenses for these programs.  To meet the majority of our expenses, we request each band family to pay annual membership fees

We are the only school in FUSD that participates in field shows. We make every effort to keep our membership fees as affordable as possible through various fundraising and volunteering efforts. Contributing your share on time, being involved in fundraising efforts, and volunteering, assist in keeping the fees as low as possible for all students. We have often found that our membership fees are low compared to many other schools in the Bay Area with similar programs. Often, these fees are $1,000+ and are mandatory.

Your membership fees fund –

  1. Event expenses for your student including
    1. Event registration fees (as said above, we are only band in FUSD that does field shows)
    2. Food: Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, drinks at every events  
    3. Transportation: Truck rentals, bus rentals for events 
    4. Instrument repairs
    5. Uniforms cleaning and maintenance
    6. Accessories 
  2. Musical equipment purchases
  3. Instruction fees for band camps and color guard
  4. Event equipment replacements such as canopies, batteries
  5. $500 scholarships (for 2 graduating seniors) etc.

Membership fees are tax deductible and eligible for corporate matching (please note that corporate matching cannot be combined to pay full dues). If payment of fees will create hardship for your family, please contact us at treasurer@ahsbpo.org

Your contribution has far reaching effects. Beyond music itself, the Marching Band program plays a critical role in your children’s learning and growth. It teaches the kids valuable soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, empathy, camaraderie, etc. in a friendly atmosphere outside of their classroom. We thank you for your support.