Volunteer & Donate

The BPO is looking forward to another great year with the band program. These kids are wonderful performers. They’re a joy to support and watch at their performances. If you are new to the band program, WELCOME!  

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A few things, some old and some very new,

  • We will communicate ways for you to participate in helping the BPO support your child’s musical experience.  Please be sure to check out these fun ways to support your child. Emails on specific needs will be forthcoming.  
  • We will continue with our past successful fundraising activities. Our music program budget is inclusive of these past fundraisers.
  • The band is fully funded by the BPO. There are no funds from the district for any of the activities, uniforms, or other collateral the band may need. As an organized booster club, we, the parents, serve as responsible adults on trips, plan and implement event meals, and logistics, and help distribute uniforms. It is very important we all understand that the BPO provides financial assistance and moral support for the music program.
  • In our review of BPO support to the band, we found that in this scholastic year, we have received 3,400 volunteer hours, these hours are not inclusive of executive board participation time.
  • One area of support from the family is to participate in the BPO. We meet every second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm via Zoom currently.  We are an inclusive parent group. We look forward to meeting you and working with you to help better the experience of your child in the music program.  

Now with the new,

  • In the past years, we have struggled to make the necessary funds to support the basic needs of the marching band, Color guard, flag team, jazz, and choir. We have found it necessary to request a minimum donation for the marching season. As our donations collections have not been addressed formally in the past, we have restructured our financial budget to be one where we are in line with other local schools for a band program like ours.
  • We feel comfortable with the projected budget for the upcoming scholastic year and performance seasons.  To accomplish this budget, we are asking for a minimum donation of $750 per student. To learn more about why the fees are critical, see here.
  • By making this donation you are covering your student’s costs for band camp, food, water, transportation, uniform, entrance fees, and instrument usage. Personal items such as shoes and gloves are separate items.

We realize this may be a burden to some families. If this is your situation, please contact the BPO at secretary@ahsbpo.org, or volunteer@ahsbpo.org.  We will be happy to make arrangements that are appropriate for your needs.