The American High School Band Parent Organization (AHS BPO) is made up of parents of students in any aspect of the band program at AHS.

The Band Parent’s Organization provides support for the entire music program at American High School. Membership to the BPO is free and open to all.

  • Parents serve as the primary financiers for the music program. To learn more, see here.
  • We are responsible adults on band trips.
  • We plan and implement a concert setup.
  • We orchestrate the performance logistics around band support, meals, water, other necessities.
  • Early on, we help to distribute uniforms.
  • And as stated many times — provide necessary financial assistance for music and equipment purchases, just to name a few.

The music the students read, the instruments the students play, the uniforms they wear, and even the busses they ride can’t happen without us, the parents.  Ever since the inception of the Band Parents Organization, many different parents have served as Executive Board members, helped plan performances and other events, and accompanied the band to performances.  These graduating board members return year after year to see the band’s growth. It is always rewarding to see your children do well and see the work you put into the organization thrive. This is a rare and wonderful opportunity to see a great group of students in action.